Key Person Interview & AMA #16 – Rodney@Hack.VC – Nov 17th 3pm UTC

Key Person Interview & AMA #16 – Rodney@Hack.VC – Nov 17th 3pm UTC

mrmasa – Crypto Investment

Hi I am mr.masa.

This is LIVE interview & AMA with Forgiven@Conflux.

Forgiven is Co-Founder of Conflux Network, PoW based Stable Coin, DeFi, D-Commerce Platform, and also, he is big-supporter for AlladinDAO and one of Boule members.

We have LIVE interview & AMA with him to discuss about what’s hot topics on DeFi now, and his strategy for DeFi. We will take some questions from our audience, too. If you are interested in DeFi, this is great chance for you to learn about his wisdam. Don’t miss this it!

LIVE Schedule:

Nov 4th 6am UTC:

Here is LIVE Show link. You can join from here.

Truly looking forward to seeing you then!

Also, if you are in Aladdin DAO, please check out their twitter here.

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